Backend Engineer


Backend Engineer


We are looking for a experienced Backend Engineer to join our team. You will be responsible for designing, building and maintaning our multi-tenant microservices based system deployed on Kubernetes, talking our solution to the next level.

You would be an ideal candidate if:

➤You have at least 4 years of experience in Java server-side development.

➤You have a Computer Science or equivalent degree from a known institute.

➤You have experience with microservices architecture.

➤You have a deep understanding of multi-threaded programming.

➤You have experience with NoSQL databases (e.g MongoDB)

➤You have experience with Message Broker services (e.g RabbitMQ)

➤You're a natural when it comes to object-oriented principles and design.

➤You have a strong understanding of unit testing.

➤You have the ability to initiate and progress various activities and tasks both in an independent manner and as part of a group effort.

➤You have experience with implementing new technologies.

Bonus points:

➤Experience with Kubernetes

➤Experience with GCP

➤Experience with SaaS

➤Experience with SpringBoot

➤Experience with MongoDB

➤Experience with RabbitMQ

➤Experience with Node.js

➤Experience with data analysis

➤Experience with SQL databases

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