is looking for a Customer Success Manager with 3+ years of relevant experience to join our team!

You will head the growing client base, directly drive tangible results in the clients' main business goals, and be involved in our clients’ needs for ongoing development.

Responsibilities Include

➤ Control the entire relationships with existing clients on a personal basis.

➤ Delve into the client’s products, user base, and Key Performance Indicators.

➤ Direct clients to achieve tangible KPIs and insights, and provide Case Studies.

➤ Identify needs and feedback from customers, and work closely with the product team to improve our offering.

➤ Acquire a thorough understanding of the platform offering, usage, and reporting.

Ideal Suitability

➤ 3+ Experience in CS, AM, or other related fields.

➤ Familiarity with Engagement platforms, Connected Consumer Electronics, or Media and PPC

➤ Independent and team-based problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

➤ Proficiency in diplomacy under pressure and prioritization.

➤ Strong analytical and communication skills. is an automated engagement platform for the connected world, focusing mainly on enterprise companies.

It enables companies that manufacture these products to improve their main business KPIs by interacting automatically with their entire customer base according to behavior and improving the overall customer experience by analyzing and segmenting data from smart and connected consumer devices.

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