Next-Gen CE: Reinventing Consumer Experience with IoT Data

Next-Gen CE: Reinventing Consumer Experience with IoT Data

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
12 PM ET / 11 AM CT /  9 AM PT (US)

THIS WEBINAR EXPLORES the adoption of connected products, the multiple levels of an IoT strategy for CE companies, and the challenges and potential pitfalls in the transition to a connected platform.





Key marketplace factors and trends driving CE manufacturers to add connectivity and the factors for success or failure in this transition
New forms of lifetime value, including subscriptions, ecosystem sales, and brand loyalty
Expand the CE business model from a single transaction to embrace the lifetime value of the customer
Strategies for using user-generated data to drive customer engagement, improve product strategy, and lower returns

Interactive Panel

Tejas Shah, Arlo Technologies, Inc
Senior Vice President of Product and Chief Information Officer

Frank Zvi, Copilot

Kristen Hanich, Parks Associates
Senior Analyst

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