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CX engine

Delight your users 

from day one

Optimize your user experience based on real-time insights, with timely messages of support and celebration – for the love of your product and your brand.


Only 15% of product and marketing leaders are satisfied with the way their companies measure the user journey.


65% of American consumers believe a post purchase experience holds more influence for repeat sales than advertising.


73% of consumers say the customer experience is an important part of their purchasing decisions.

Personalize the experience around your users

With the Canvas, you can create personalized campaigns and support messages that speak your customers’ language. Build segments based on usage, demographics, location, and more. Then send out messages that hit all the right notes for your users, driving stronger review scores, better subscription rates, and more smiles from your customers.

Celebrate key moments to drive loyalty

From hitting 10,000 steps for the fifth day in a row to being saved 100 hours of vacuuming time by your robot cleaner, your customer experience is packed with milestones. Copilot helps you celebrate these moments in real time by identifying them upfront, setting up automated messages, and adding personal touches based on your user segments. So you can delight customers at every opportunity, make them feel like the center of your brand, and drive loyalty for life.

Watch your word-of-mouth referrals soar

Referrals are the most cost-effective way to grow your brand, so create an experience that gives your customers something to shout about. Copilot helps you create an amazing experience from the word go, delivering personalized messages of support and celebration at every touchpoint. So from the office, to the bar, to social media, your users will be spreading the good word for years to come.

Turn feature adoption into user satisfaction analyzes device, app, and user data to reveal which features your customers love the most - and which ones your new users are yet to discover. So you can send out targeted campaigns, grow your feature adoption rates, and watch your user engagement metrics soar.

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