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Reviews engine

Fuel your growth with word of mouth

Win bestseller status and Amazon Choice tags by targeting happy customers at their happiest moments. Then watch your sales soar in real time – without the eye-watering ad spend.


Increase conversion rates by up to 325% by name-dropping the online store in your review campaigns.


Win more customers by focusing on new reviews. Consumers don’t pay attention to reviews over three months old.


Driving reviews to your retail stores increases conversion by 243% compared to app store reviews.

Prevent negative reviews in real time

85% of poor reviews for IoT products happen within the first 13 minutes of interaction. From connectivity issues to user configuration errors, identifies pain points in your onboarding process and turns them into triggers for automated support messages. So the second your users experience even a hint of friction, you’ll be there to guide them to a successful outcome. Less negative reviews. Less returns. A more positive experience all round.

Control the quality of your reviews

Don’t leave your next review campaign to chance. Identify your happiest customers with our segmentation wizardry. Then send out the right message at the right time using a blend of email, push, in-app, and SMS automations. So you can get more great reviews, without the risk.

Find your review score's growth horizon

Getting your first thousand reviews is a game-changer for your product. But as that tally climbs higher, the impact of your reviews will reach a peak. With, you can identify the point of diminishing returns to maximize ROI and avoid unnecessary investments.


With, LandAirSea increased five-star reviews of their smart mobile tracking systems by 40% in two weeks.

Jared Zientz

Director of Analytics

Create and automate review campaigns

With, you have a full dashboard of messaging automations at your disposal. Create limitless campaign combinations, set smart triggers for key moments of delight, and add personalized touches for optimal performance. Then sit back and relax while the reviews roll in.

Make leaving a review effortless

Send customers straight to your product pages with one-tap reviews from, available for Amazon, Walmart, and more popular storefronts. And by removing barriers like login screens, you can ramp up your review velocity and watch your score soar.

Track trends in your review scores

Monitor your reviews in real time to spot peaks and troughs and forecast future review scores. Then act fast to target new audiences, revamp your campaigns, and keep your review conversion rates above industry benchmarks.

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