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Segmentation engine

React to user sentiment 

in real time

Our platform, combines user, device, and app data to reveal live insights about how customers feel about your products. So you can push the features and messages that matter most to your user base.


Segment users based on their operating system to see if there’s a gap in Android and iOS satisfaction scores.


Analyze scores based on feature usage, like smart lighting scenes, live doorbell alerts, and heart-rate tracking.


Measure results against personal preferences, like whether coffee machine users prefer a light or dark roast.

Discover the possibilities of Segmented NPS

With Segmented NPS, brings together user, app, and device data so you can segment your users based on real-time characteristics. This offers a clearer view on how users are feeling, why they’re feeling that way, and what you can do about it – giving you everything you need to build a stronger and more profitable brand.

Get to the root of your results

Firmware versions. Operating systems. Device models. There are dozens of factors that can impact your NPS. With, you can identify common characteristics among promoters and detractors to get a better understanding of your audience. Then you can use those insights to focus your product roadmap and deliver more effective marketing campaigns.

Segmentation 2

Put your users first and reap the rewards

Once you know what’s delighting some users and frustrating others, it’s time to take action. The Canvas makes it easy to target your segments with custom campaigns. So you can push the features that make people happiest and remove friction at key points in the user journey. All coming together to drive more five-star reviews and better brand advocacy.

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