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The secure and

private customer cloud for IoT 


Copilot Sphere integrates with your IoT infrastructure to 

give you secure and private cloud storage for 

your customer data.

Deliver rapid registration experiences

With Copilot Sphere, you can create frictionless registration, login, and password recovery experiences for your customers. And with our lossless IoT data model, you can seamlessly manage your user-to-device, user-to-user, and user-to-household associations – without compromising on security.

Take full ownership of your customer data

GDPR, CCPA, TTDPA – managing your customers’ data can be a minefield. But with the Copilot Sphere, you can anonymize and control your customers’ data to comply with the highest standards of US retail stores. This security-first approach reduces your risk surface area and makes auditing and compliance a breeze.



The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intended to protect the fundamental privacy rights of EU data subjects and the security of personal data. It calls for more rigorous protection standards and requirements and sets a high cost for breach. Tuya has completed GDPR validation and optimized internal data security protection and compliance requirements.


CCPA has officially completed its CCPA compliance audit. Sphere exhibits a high level of program maturity with regard to privacy and data protection. is and always will demonstrate a commitment to compliance efforts.

Manage all your assets in one platform

Our private cloud is compatible with a wide range of IoT platforms, saving unnecessary data fragmentation and avoiding the need for risky migrations. Whether you’re building your own IoT stack, migrating between platforms, or pursuing a multi-platform approach, Copilot Sphere makes the migration process seamless.

Enjoy a fully-managed cloud at fraction of the cost

Copilot Sphere enables third-party API access, OAuth 2.0, and more to improve mobility between networks, systems, and applications. So you can create a smoother customer experience backed by greater cloud security – without the devops and maintenance costs.

The Sphere Advantage

Improved User Mobility
Secure Third Party API Access
Adopt OAuth 2.0 and open ID connect standards
Become OIDC identity provider
User/Device Associations
Secondary user invites
Reduced Risk
SOC2 Type 2 (Pending)
API request authorisation
Full household support
Safari requires user permission to enable video autoplay