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Subscription engine

Get more users to go 

(and stay) premium

Hit your most engaged users with personalized subscription campaigns and adapt your user journey to retain more premium customers – unlocking sustainable growth for your brand.


Only 55% of consumers are aware that a brand they’re considering buying from also offers a subscription


Only 24% of home security subscribers see price drop as a motivator.

subscription breadcrumbing

78% of customers are using three or more advanced features before subscribing to cloud recording.

Target behaviors that correlate with conversions

Copilot uses a unique breadcrumbing process to find user behaviors that correlate with subscription conversions. This could be anything from buying three or more devices to changing camera motion sensitivity. You can then use this data to segment your new users and send out more targeted campaigns – dramatically increasing your marketing ROI.

Make subscription effortless

When your users are on the verge of going premium, you can’t afford to have them dropping off midway through the process. That’s why has developed a one tap subscription path for your customers. Instead of redirecting to an external signup page, everything happens in the app. So your users can choose their plan, become a subscriber, and start seeing more value from your brand – all in a couple of clicks.

Group 895449

Once we saw the power in Copilot’s platform and how it helps us monetize and leverage our user base, we decided to hire for the first time a full-time CX Manager.


Salomon Saad

Lloyds, CEO

Personalize promotions to maximize conversions

From maxing out their video storage to using their smart lights scheduling, offers unique insight into your users’ behavior. Then it gives you the tools to use it. Send out customized subscription campaigns for each user segment, shouting about the features and benefits they’ll love the most. And by personalizing new feature communications with your existing subscribers, you’ll see stronger retention rates too.

Find the path to higher conversion

Only 11% of subscribers sign up because they like the subscription model. Financial incentives trigger 24% of sign-ups, while 16% sign up because they need that kind of product. And then there are 12% who will only sign up if they know the subscription is easy to cancel. With, you can analyze device and app data to see which factors drive the most subscriptions for your brand. Then you can develop targeted campaigns that convert.

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