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Upsell engine

Make every sale the first of many

Find proven pathways that drive your users to repurchase, turning one-off sales into regular revenue streams that fuel your brand’s growth.


53% of customers are likely to repurchase from a company that prompts behavior-based upsell opportunities


43% of customers say they will unsubscribe from branded messages if they feel they receive irrelevant promotions


65% of customers prefer targeted promotions to generic financial incentives

Target users who are most likely to convert

From low printer ink to worn out robot vacuum brush heads, helps you target your users with replenishment messages at just the right time. And by collecting app, device, and user data in real time, our Segmented NPS Engine identifies high-intent behaviors to make your upsell nudges and sales promotions more effective.

Optimize your messaging to maximize sales

The key to a successful upselling strategy is finding a formula that works for your brand – and, more importantly, your users. Our Canvas gives you a full suite of messaging tools to play with, including segmentation, automations, and A/B testing. And with every campaign, you can tweak your send times, audience profiles, button text, and more to maximize conversions.

Group 8798

Using Copilot's powerful campaigns, we were able to increase our paper sales for our Polaroid Printers


Chaim Piekarski

CEO, C+A Global

Find the perfect path to upsell analyzes every datapoint about your customers and models it against their spending behavior. So from feature adoption to usage frequency, you can see which factors are proven to trigger repurchases. Then simply create a segment, set up your automated messages, and watch the extra revenue roll in.

Get expert support from our data scientists

Our data scientists are here to help maximize the value of your upselling campaigns. We’ll get you up and running in no time, with actionable insights and recommendations based on millions of real-world interactions. Then we’ll monitor your campaign performance and offer optimizations to help you exceed your goals.


Create a personal experience that sells

Say goodbye to generic discount campaigns. makes it easy to segment your users based on their experiences with your brand. So from money saved using your smart bulbs to hours of footage recorded on your security cameras, you can send out personalized messages that drive more sales.

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