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Unleash your brand's

post-purchase potential

Create a seamless setup process, drive adoption of your best features, and turn real-time insights into upsell opportunities that keep your customers coming back for more.

Deliver satisfaction from the start

Swift product setup is the number one driver of user satisfaction – and helps to give your customers just that. Collect device and app data to learn exactly where users are tripping up in your onboarding process. Then offer a helping hand in real time and set up automations to get future customers on board even faster.

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With Copilot’s customer set up campaigns, we were able to save in real time via automated in-app campaigns over 64,000 users who struggled with 2.4GHz/5GHz connectivity.

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senior marketing analyst

Increase adoption of your best features

From checking your fridge at the store to making coffee before you even roll out of bed, every smart appliance has a few moments of magic. With Segmented NPS from, you can discover which features drive the highest promoter scores. Then create campaigns to push adoption across your entire user base and help more customers fall in love with your brand.

Reach for the stars

Don’t let one-off email blasts drag your review score down. combines device, app, and user data to highlight when your happy customers are at their happiest. So you can send out focused campaigns that make your five-star reviews soar. Standing out from the competition has never been so easy.

Create a reliable upselling machine

Coffee capsules. Laundry detergent. Blender attachments. There are a million ways to sell more products to your customers. With, you can get valuable insights about your most engaged users in real time. So if you launch a new range or accessory that’s up their street, you can hit them with a targeting campaign that speaks their language.

Design custom campaigns with ease

With the Canvas, you have everything you need to create effective campaigns, fast. Define your audience, design your message, and take advantage of A/B tests to maximize impact. Then set up timed flows to automatically trigger follow-up messages based on user behavior. Perfect for growing subscriptions, review scores, and feature adoption.

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