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Create an experience 

you can feel proud of

Guide your customers through a seamless onboarding experience, grow your review scores, and turn real-time analytics into reliable repurchase revenue.

Reduce returns with smarter onboarding support

Quick and easy setup is the number one driver of user satisfaction for IoT brands – and gives you the tools to deliver just that. Collect device, app, and user data to see what’s stopping your customers from getting up and running. Then create trigger-based campaigns to guide them to successful outcomes in real time.

Boost adoption of your fan-favorite features

From sleep tracking on a smartwatch to capturing leads with a digital business card, shows you which features your advocates love most. Then you can create targeted campaigns to help other users fall in love with them too.

Turn better reviews into more page views combines device, app, and user data to help you segment your happiest customers. Then you can set up targeted review reach-outs with automations for future users who meet the same criteria. So you can sit back, relax, and watch your review tally soar. Less risky email blasts, more consumer confidence.

Grow your accessory sales revenue

Smartwatch straps, wireless charging docks, printer ink – there are plenty of reasons for your customers to come back to your online store. analyzes app, device, and user data over time, identifying triggers for accessory and replenishment purchases. Then you can set up your segments, create targeted campaigns, and get ready to break all your ROI records.

Design custom campaigns with ease

With the Canvas, you have everything you need to create effective campaigns, fast. Define your audience, design your message, and take advantage of A/B tests to maximize impact. Then set up timed flows to automatically trigger follow-up messages based on user behavior. Perfect for growing subscriptions, review scores, and feature adoption.

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