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Make your product pages more credible with better review scores from your happiest users. Then get new customers onboard fast with live and automated support.

Make your brand the one they trust has positioned the top two tracker brands on Amazon. Now it’s your turn. Pinpoint your happiest users’ happiest moments with Segmented NPS. Then use our Reviews Engine to boost your review velocity and secure more five-star scores. So you can maximize your reach, claim the coveted Amazon Choice tag, and give consumers the confidence to buy.

Group 8798

With, LandAirSea increased five-star reviews of their smart mobile tracking systems by 40% in two weeks.

Jared Zientz

Director of Analytics

Reach your review score's peak potential

Review growth can only take your sales performance so far. But for safety and tracking devices, this growth horizon is higher than most. Our experience shows that brands achieve peak growth when they reach a score of 4.4 – and is here to get you there as fast as possible.

Boost retention with real-time setup support

The faster you get your users onboard, the faster you’ll win their loyalty. helps you do just that by finding friction points in your setup process. Then you can set up automations to deliver automated, in-app solutions for new customers experiencing the same issues.

Help users fall in love with your products

Low battery alerts. Overspeed alarms. Geofencing. uses device and app data to reveal which features your happiest customers use the most. Then you can create campaigns to encourage adoption across the rest of your user base.

Drive more sales and subscriptions uses subscription breadcrumbing and device data to map out your user journey, identifying patterns that make customers more likely to go premium or make another purchase. So whether it’s helping someone find their bag or reminding them that their battery is on the blink, you can trigger the right message at the right time to the right customer.

Design custom campaigns with ease

With the Canvas, you have everything you need to create effective campaigns, fast. Define your audience, design your message, and take advantage of A/B tests to maximize impact. Then set up timed flows to automatically trigger follow-up messages based on user behavior. Perfect for growing subscriptions, review scores, and feature adoption.

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