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Grow sales and satisfaction 

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Drive rapid feature adoption from day one to minimize churn, and earn increased upsells and sign-ups by celebrating your users’ personal goals.

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Get your customers up and running brings together app and device data to shine a light on your setup process. So if users aren’t logging many steps or don’t seem to be wearing their device at all, you can trigger automated support messages in real time – instead of waiting for them to request a refund.

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Our customers love our proactive approach, and that wouldn't be possible without Copilot


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Turn more users into members

Daily sleep reports, live heart-rate monitoring, meditation sessions – there are plenty of reasons for your customers to go premium. analyzes your users’ app and device data to highlight your biggest upsell and subscription opportunities. Then you can create targeted campaigns for your most engaged and convertible users.

Give your brand that five-star glow

Wearables live and die by their customer reviews. With, you can take your score to new heights by targeting happy customers when they’re at their happiest. And with multi-channel campaign tools, personalization, and A/B tests built-in, your review score will soon be outshining the competition.

Create an experience they can't live without tells you everything you need to know about your product experience – then it gives you the tools to use it. So from solving connectivity issues to celebrating that 100,000-step milestone, you can reach the right users with the right message at the right time.

Design custom campaigns with ease

With the Canvas, you have everything you need to create effective campaigns, fast. Define your audience, design your message, and take advantage of A/B tests to maximize impact. Then set up timed flows to automatically trigger follow-up messages based on user behavior. Perfect for growing subscriptions, review scores, and feature adoption.

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